Bespoke :(

We're sorry to say that we've had to pull out of our planned attendance at the Bespoke Bike show in London next month, April 2014.
We're so busy with our orders at the moment, with a current waiting time of 5-6 months on new frame orders, that we've not had chance to build any extra frames to take with us to the show or organise our stand/exhibit, so rather than attend with a half-cocked stand that doesn't reflect how we do things, we've taken the difficult decision to stay in Derby and get some frames built for our customers!
We exhibited at the show in Bristol a couple of years ago and it was a good show. This year it's at the Olympic Velodrome so we were really keen to go, but there are so many other jobs to get done.
Apologies to everyone attending expecting to see us, and to those involved in organising the show, they do a great job and the last thing they need is cancellations, but we have to focus on our top priority - our current orders.
We hope you have the chance to visit the show, and hope we can see you all some other time.