Monday, November 26, 2012

Major Davids collection

Here is a series of my collection.  I bought my first Merican, an Olympic, in 1971.  Sold that one and bought a Professional in 1972.  Then I had my first Mercian built for me in 1973.  It was a Viggorelli, which got stolen en route.  The replacement arrived in early 1974.  I still have that bike.  My brother rode it for years in the USA Nationals.  I got it back about six years ago.  I got my next Professional in 1977.  Still have that one with over 184K miles.  I keep that at my mom's home in Illinois, USA.  I had a 1978 KOM until I sold that to a professor in 2002.  Since then I have had three additional bikes built.  A 2000 Prolugless, which I now use for Time Trials.  A 2004 Prolugless, which my son keeps up and rides in Alabama.  I use it when I see him.  Finally I bought a Velocita in 2007.  Unfortunately that bike got busted up when a roof rack failed.  But, at that time I did not know that there was a huge 1cm hole in the downtube and raced it 125 miles from Brownsville Texas to Roma.  Now would carbon, aluminum or even titanium hold up to a 210 pound rider...  Needless to say, I sent it back and the shop did not recommend replacing, as it was out of alignment.  Perfection...  I rode it hands off, through sharp corners, up and down hills  without problem.  So I replaced with a 2009 with a Barber Pole. 
408,000 miles on Mercians.  I still have five, six if you include my wife's 1985 KOM.  
I forgot to add that the 1974 Vigorelli is orginal paint.  I raced it all on US and German Velodromes.  My brother Dan, owner of Grand Performance Cycles in ST Paul Minnestota, raced it in US Nationals and, I belive the 1980 or 84 Olympic Trials.  

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave. Hope things are going well for you down south onthe border. Get in touch if you're ever up this way - I miss riding with you.

Your collection, as always, is very nice. I'm really digging that racing green with the white barber pole (wink, wink). BTW, you have prolly seen it, but there's a pic of mine on page 4 of the gallery.