Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shop Easter Holidays

Happy Easter guys 

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Bespoke :(

We're sorry to say that we've had to pull out of our planned attendance at the Bespoke Bike show in London next month, April 2014.
We're so busy with our orders at the moment, with a current waiting time of 5-6 months on new frame orders, that we've not had chance to build any extra frames to take with us to the show or organise our stand/exhibit, so rather than attend with a half-cocked stand that doesn't reflect how we do things, we've taken the difficult decision to stay in Derby and get some frames built for our customers!
We exhibited at the show in Bristol a couple of years ago and it was a good show. This year it's at the Olympic Velodrome so we were really keen to go, but there are so many other jobs to get done.
Apologies to everyone attending expecting to see us, and to those involved in organising the show, they do a great job and the last thing they need is cancellations, but we have to focus on our top priority - our current orders.
We hope you have the chance to visit the show, and hope we can see you all some other time.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Georges bikes

 Hello to all of you at Mercian!

I wanted to send a picture of the KOM you made for me last year now that it's all built up! Thanks to your staff for producing this beautiful frame! I really enjoyed buying and building up the bike. I even chronicled the process in my blog! Here's a link which goes into the details of my build.: 

Oh, and the reason I knew about Mercian was because I had bought one, an Olympic, 30 years ago at La Mesa Cyclery in Southern California, it's still hanging in there!

Davids New machine

This is the prettiest and the greatest. 
I had a 753 Argos in the early 90's, it was springy and comfortable. I had a carbon fibre last year, it was rather harsh but light and quick but I fell out of love with it when I considered the dull thud of flicking it with the fingernail as opposed to the liveliness of steel. So I got measured up by Ray of Mercian and bespoke this machine. It's got better wheels than the other two which in part accounts for its lighter weight; it's light alright and as far as comfort goes, it is really smooth. You don't need carbon fibre or pneumatic forks, just 853. It is the best bike on the road. Thank you Mercian.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Davids King of Mercia

Please forgive the long delay in forwarding photos of my beloved
Mercian KoM.. with the transfers you supplied, now affixed to the

The new bottle of gold size you sent has worked well as can be seen in
the shots, I think they make the bicycle look really great, when you
consider it was first made in 1953 (frame number 10153) and Bill
renovated it in 1987/8.

I wonder if the photos would be OK to use in your rogue's gallery ?

Just look at the paint job!! it's beautiful ! - I used it in the UK
for many years, and here in Spain for the last ten years, so that´s
some great compliment to Mercian quality paint work and lining.

Please forgive the "Offa King Of Mercia" on the top tube, I couldn't
resist it, you will have to put it down to my eccentricity and
possibly old age, but I really like it !!!!

I hope all is well with you both ?

With my best regards,


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Andrew's Mercian renovation paint job undergoing extreme weather testing in the Dubai desert."

I stopped my ride yesterday to take a quick photo to add to your gallery. The pearl white renovation you did for looks fantastic in the desert, thank you. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Andrews Professional

A rather belated thank you for doing such a fantastic job renovating my 1975 Mercian  Professional  frame in time for L'Eroica.  I built the bike up with period parts including a Campagnolo Rally rear derailleur to allow for a larger freewheel cog on the back to help with the hills!  The bike functioned perfectly and was a joy to ride.  I thought you may like a couple of photos of the finished bike in Tuscany.  Excuse the water bottle, I left the Mercian one in the hotel!

Best wishes,

Thanks Andrew for your pictures and email.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Sllvia Mercian Renovation

Hi all at Mercian Cycles,
What a nice surprise to receive the special Mercian mug and thank you note from the staff at your establishment.
After picking up the frame from your shop Dave set to that very evening putting it back to working order. My first ride was in the Forest of Dean which christened it well and truly as you can see from the attached photo. We think it looks very smart and it was a delight to ride it once again.

Best wishes