Monday, August 04, 2014

Singapore calling

Hello gents

Please find attached a photo of my 1980"s Mercian.  I am a Derby born lad, and I purchased this bike before I moved to Newquay, Cornwall back in 1990.  I rode this bike from Land's End to JohnO'Groats during a week in June 1993 on a charity ride for Leukaemia with some friends that I worked with at Lucas Duralith in StAustell.  I then moved to Asia back in 2001 and am now settled in Singapore, so after a few Sunday morning rides, I decided it was time to bring the old girl back to her former glory, albeit with some upgrades (Campy Record 9 speed Titanium group, Brooks Titanium Saddle).  The paint was completed by my good friend Ah Joo (see Rapha - the Collector) who also rides a Mercian (amongst his huge vintage collection), and he was good enough to help me due to his affinity with classic bikes (and their owners) that have an interesting story.  

I am really glad and proud that British bike's are getting the respect that they deserve from all around the world and this bike does get a huge amount of attention over here, keep flying the flag for Derby in the bike world!  I am looking forward to another 25 years and many more miles with my Mercian.

Best regards


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Davids Bike

David sent us this picture unfortunately thats all he sent no details at all but I'm sure you agree its a looker.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Johns King of Mercia

To all at Mercian,

Just a quick e-mail to say how pleased I am with my KoM frame which I collected a few weeks ago.
I have now built her up and I hope you agree that she looks lovely – see attached pics.
The paint finish is stunning (flamboyant ruby red), particularly in the sun where it takes on a really deep hue.

The handling on the road is great. I ordered the race geometry frame to remind me of the bikes I used to ride many moons ago (although I mostly intend to use the bike as a “coffee shop cruiser” around the local lanes).
Running the bars a couple of cm’s below the saddle gives me a very comfortable ride, but still very responsive. The brooks saddle will take a bit of breaking in though.

I live a long way from you in the South East, so I have never come across a Mercian before in the Surrey Hills and Sussex lanes. This means that the bike generates a lot of interest at the cake stops, standing out a mile from the matt black carbon crowd. Although currently kitted out with a modest gear train, the quality of the frame shines through and she attracts a lot of lingering glances.

Once again, thanks to everybody involved in building her.

Best Regards

Peters new Audax

Hi Ray,
Have now transfered all the bits from my old bike to the new Audex frame you built for me. All fitted well, rides superb and looks great. Thank you so much, appreciate all your help and advice. Photo attached.

Best regards,


Johns 1976 Superlight

1976 Superlight
I bought the frame second hand last autumn and built it up over the winter. The finish, which I think is probably original was in good condition so no cosmetic work has been carried out other than cleaning. The components are mainly a mixture of Campagnolo and Suntour with 3ttt Gimondi bars and stem, Brooks Ti Swift saddle. Royce 28 hole hubs were built up with Halo Retro rims with Halo skewers and Vittoria Rubino tyres. Of course it’s a great ride and it felt right ‘straight out of the box’, a superb machine, light, quick and sure-footed; my ultimate summer bike; I love it!