Monday, April 27, 2015

Pauls Vincitore

Although it was a long wait as I know the firm have been very busy, it was worth it in the end. The bike can be seen in the images below. I know that you have a gallery of images but I also think it is nice for people to be able to see recently built bikes. The quality is superb. The frame is very light Reynolds 853 Pro Team which feels fantastic on the road, especially when compared with my alloy winter bike. The ice blue metallic pearl paint looks fantastic in the sun. The barber’s pole is in lemon yellow pearl and deep blue intenso pearl.

The Brooks Swift saddle is the first that I have owned and I sat on it for the first time with some trepidation! It is amazingly comfortable. I am training for the Etape du Dales currently and I plan to use the Mercian. I took it on a 70 mile loop from Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales on Monday as the sun was shining brightly. It took me up Fleet Moss and the Coal Road without problems (rider fatigue aside!) and the saddle was incredibly comfortable. The bike felt very stable on descents and the Campag Chorus groupset is pure quality. 

It is fitted with Look Keo Max 2 pedals and the bottle cages are by Velorange. They are new but made to look retro if you see what I mean. Service in the shop was great and what I like about the Mercian shop is its understated nature and the quiet dedication of the staff. It doesn’t feel like some big chain store (naming no names) where they are just trying to flog products as fast as possible.

The bike has generated much interest in my local cycling club in Harrogate. Many people there own steel bikes and love riding them. I honestly don’t know whether I shall bother going back to carbon. This is a bike for life and I am completely blown away by the quality. Yes you will have to wait if you order a Mercian, but good things come to those who wait and one has to remember the whole thing is being built from scratch.

So thanks again to all the Mercian team- to Ray for the expert fitting and the lad who fitted the cages and pedals when I picked it up although I apologise for not remembering his name. He also advised me on a route back to the railway station avoiding football crowds as Derby County were playing at home!

Thanks again, best wishes and happy cycling.

Paul from Harrogate

Thanks Paul for your email and pictures.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Steve has joined the team

We have recently announced the appointment of a new senior member to the Mercian Team. Please see below the press release which has been sent far and wide to inform everyone of this recent change.
Steve is currently on a 3 day, 150 mile, charity bike ride on his Mercian Professional from Southampton to West Bromwich.
About his charity ride - Steve said "The cause is for the 100% benefit of the Albion Foundation, which gets disabled people into sport.
If you saw these disabled people making the best of their circumstances with grit, determination and a sunny disposition, you would see why I'm involved in this.
Any help will be much appreciated by myself and more importantly the guys and girls"
Please donate if you can
Welcome to Mercian Steve! and best of luck with your charity ride.

Press Announcement

MERCIAN CYCLES, the quintessential English bespoke manufacturer established in Derby in 1946, has announced the appointment of Steve Murray to its Board of Directors.
Steve is primarily a marketing and product development specialist and has successfully grown companies in a range of sectors, including manufacturing, international business development, gaming, digital marketing, IT and property, working at senior levels with global brands such as Sega, Norton and Scientific Games.
Grant and Jane Mosley, long term Directors of Mercian, welcome this vastly experienced addition. “Steve’s track record in brand and product development is outstanding and we are delighted to add such a proven professional to our team. The Mercian heritage and ethos is very dear to all our hearts and the further development of our traditional engineering skills can only be enhanced by the arrival of a successful brand and product developer. New challenges and goals are the road ahead for Mercian where creativity and ingenuity will be vital. Steve’s commitment and diversity of experience are a valuable component in Mercian’s evolution.”
Clearly excited by this new challenge, Steve Murray added, “Mercian is a truly iconic cycle brand with an amazing heritage. The commitment of the Mosley’s and their highly talented team to remaining faithful to the very best of traditional skills and values, coupled with the genuine passion they all share for product quality, is wonderful to behold. The opportunity to help steer this superb brand into new and exciting arenas is a thrilling prospect, one that I truly appreciate. In a matter of days I have already felt the terrific support from Mercian enthusiasts and business partners.”
Grant and Steve

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Andrew, Mercian , Dubai

It’s taken me nearly a year to take this photo, mainly because I enjoy riding my new bike so much that I don’t ever feel like stopping to take a picture.  But you’ve done such a wonderful job I thought it deserved a photo.  So here’s my custom build Mercian during this morning’s coffee break in the Dubai desert on the Al Qudra Cycling Course.

Thanks again for the outstanding bike, it’s a dream ride, and, as they might say on Little Britain, “I’m the only Mercian in the village!”


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Early training

Just thought I’d drop you a line and send a picture to let you know I’m still loving my new King of Mercian bike from 2013. I’ve ridden over 3000 miles, mostly commuting and winter training and love the feel of the bike. So much that I couldn’t stand riding my old aluminium frame any more and sold it on eBay. So now I have just the two bikes - a carbon fibre bike for racing and summers, and the Mercian for all other times. Plus it doubles as a baby-chariot too (see photo!). Maybe when the carbon fibre bike inevitably wears out in a few years I’ll buy another Mercian for racing and go all-steel… 

Hope you are all well and hope to see you again in the future

Best regards



Thursday, December 11, 2014

Xmas opening and closing